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To innovate is to discover.

Exploring unknown territory

to new possibilities.


Exploring this is something that can be found deep in the DNA of startups.

But why do we lose this once we mature into a corporate?

Why are we unable to permanently capture innovation?

Despite all those large R&D departments and wonderful incubators.

And why is does the absorption of startups by  

corporates never lead to the dreamed potential?


I, oh yes, sorry, let me introduce myself;

Ewout Karel is my name.

I see two reasons for this.


The structure of the corporates kills the necessary freedom of exploration.

Where startups can explore all possibilities in freedom (and therefore speed),

the dictatorship of KPIs applies to corporates.

Everything gets smothered in the slowness of business plans.

Dreams die in risk aversion and that heavy chain

of hierarchical accountability.


There is something else too.

Talent thrives on freedom, but corporates are closed.

Not just for all those creative minds in garages and attic rooms.

But also for the enormous potential of creativity in-house.

Professionals, craftsmen, people with genuine love and passion for their profession.


A missed opportunity.

Because the big gain lies precisely in collaboration.

In "jamming" together as jazz musicians would say.

The startup with its wild, boundless idea.

The craftsmen of the corporate with their boundless knowledge

to concretize, test and improve the idea.

The corporate itself, with its sheer scale and reach

to bring the jam to the general public.


This creates an interplay in which everyone rises above themselves.

With a result that would never have existed in isolation.


Within T-Mobile's Futurelab, we do nothing other than this.

Collaborate on wild plans.

Chasing dreams by enthusiastically sharing knowledge of our employees.

With an open mind, because the future always holds the best opportunities for them

who fearlessly approach her .


How we can increase innovation power and

cultivate by being open and connecting

I describe and research in the (hand) book;

"Corporate Jamming 1.2"


Sounds good?

Jam along and download the book.

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