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Where the adventure starts for you

Once 100 books went on a journey. They flew out in the midst of 2019. Version 1.0. They were read, superficial or devoured in depth, in part or from A to Z. In the margins appeared fantasies, comments and fresh ideas.

Yes! Enter version 2.0.

What an adventure, but ho ho, far from enough adventure! I mean: are you already in? Not? Ah, then it starts for us now!

Read and write along. What makes you happy? How can it be better, cooler, faster, more dangerous, more swinging? With your input, all input together, we make version 2.0. That's how we jam!

See that big fat button? Cool! Click it and download the book. (oh, and ofcourse tell us who you are, it'll make us happy to know who's reading it)


    So cool you're going to read the book Corporate jamming.

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