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2.0 is coming and you will hear it first ...
Here's an innovative idea: get everyone to co-write a book about innovation.
The 100 physical copies of Corporate Jamming 1.0 are now traveling across the country.

The newly launched PDF is now also participating. The goal: to generate input and engagement for version 2.0.
In version 1 an idea is launched for a totally new way of innovation; an open collaboration between corporates and start-ups. A jam that blows all existing (and nonsensical walls) down in one fell swoop.

The road from version 1.0 to 2.0 is a jam in itself. Dozens, if not hundreds, of people - corporates, inventors, freethinkers, conservative sharpeners - have contributed to the not-so-crazy idea of 1.0.
All those ideas together have led to 2.0. Interesting way of working, right? What comes out of that now? Not just another brainwave of an individual, but the power of the great, superior TOGETHER.
Curious? Want to give someone a copy of 2.0? Take yourself and others on an adventure and fill in the form below. Then you will be the first to hear when 2.0 sees the light.

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